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Student Homestay in Singapore

Our Services

We welcome students to stay with us and benefit from our homestay care. In addition to standard homestay care services, we provide responsible guardianship for all students, supervision of their school work, and academic counselling. Regular outings will be conducted, and enrichment activities may be recommended to groom the students further in their academic and personal pursuits.

Our homestay-guardian service integrates students into our household as much as possible. This includes taking students shopping with us, showing them around the city, and keeping them company while at home. Our students feel comfortable with us as we spend time with them and enjoy their company. They have found us friendly and helpful, and commented positively on the amount and quality of food, general cleanliness, accessibility to school, and the house rules they are expected to abide by.

Parents can expect the following for their children in our care:

  • Spacious 4-bedded room (180-250 sqft.) with en-suite bathroom.
  • Constant practice of the English language as we are fluent in both English and Mandarin.
  • Assistance to search for a school within a 45-minute one-way commute by public transport.
  • Provision of breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
  • Close monitoring of academic performance and supervision of school work. (We will assist to select trained tutors when we deem any student needs extra tuition. These tuition fees will be borne by parents.)
  • Provision of laundry and housekeeping to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene at home.
  • Regular dinners with students to foster bonding and well being.
  • Regular consultations with students’ schools to maintain close contact with their teachers.
  • Open communication with parents and weekly feedback on their children.

When our students are happy with our homestay-guardian service, it is usually a far more enjoyable experience for us.


  • 3 months advance boarding.
  • 1 month boarding deposit (refundable).
  • Minimum 3 months contract for those with valid Student Pass from ICA Singapore. If study period is less than 3 months, boarding will be on a case by case basis.
  • Boarding fees include daily bedroom air con from 9 pm to 9 am. Additional $120 per room sharing basis for 24 hours of air con.
  • Single with personal study area (Common Bathroom) – S$1750
  • Twin Deluxe Sharing (Common Bathroom) – S$1450
  • Deluxe Suite Triple Sharing with Bay Windows and En-suite Bathroom – S$1500
  • Junior Master Suite Quad Sharing with Bay Windows and En-suite Bathroom – S$1450

Other Fees

Foundation / Level Up / Bridging Program

These programs would be recommended on a case by case basis, and in consultation with parents and educational counselors.  A monthly fee of $250 per subject is chargeable and a bi-monthly report on the child’s progress will be generated for parents’ information.  Students will be taken off this program once they fit into their course of study.

Periodic Excursion Activities Fees

Outings and excursions are optional for students. The fees vary with the activities involved and will be borne by parents.

Continuous English Enrichment Reading Materials / Program*

  • Term 1           –  $60 ( Payable in Jan )
  • Term 2          –   $60 ( Payable in Apr )
  • Term 3 & 4  –   $90 ( Payable in July )

* All prices quoted are subject to variation based on student’s requirements and language proficiency.  Parents will be advised and consulted should their child need more reading materials or intensive programs.

All students in our care will have their school results and conduct monitored monthly. Tuition or necessary supplementary classes will be advised to parents to boost excellence in academic performance when required.  Additional costs will be supported with official receipts from educational service providers.

Shuttle Transport To & From Schools

Arrangement can be made at cost charged by transport operator. Receipts will be provided to parents.

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Thank you for your interest in our student homestay program. Currently, we are seeking additional homestay students. We welcome you or student-agents to contact us at Mobile +65-90666089 or via email